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I needed a place to cry

I needed a place to cry


another experimental sketch with 12. trying a simpler style. first one x


another experimental sketch with 12. trying a simpler style. first one x



Amazing Sky by Stan Taleykis

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Okay, so I’m still thinking about the Doctor being in contact with his other selves.

Like, when one Doctor is regenerating, he feels his very form dying, and then there’s, like, this transition period where the old Doctor just is kind of floating in a state of numbing darkness until he suddenly emerges from the utter emptiness in someplace, some place that’s pretty and calm and it dawns on him that he’s entered what is essentially this incarnation’s temporary afterlife until the Doctor actually dies for real (because I have this headcanon that even though Time Lords are supposed to technically be one person, they each have a different soul. SO, like, there’s thirteen souls within one fluid body and the souls are released to…wherever at the point of the true death. Most are uploaded into the Matrix, but the Doctor isn’t exactly a normal Time Lord, so it’s really all up in the air.)

Each incarnation has their own personal nook within the hivemind of their brain, and they often just basically keep to themselves, although they are aware of both the other incarnations and are slightly aware of the actions of the current incarnation running about in the physical world. The second one’s harder, though, because the current Doctor usually doesn’t want to hear the others’ jabbering so he pushes them back and it makes seeing that perspective like looking through a thick veil. It can be done, but it’s hard.

Also like in Listen, I think they can and do come out occasionally. When the current Doctor is in a very desperate situation, they may call upon a past self for a memory or some bit of information or something like that. I also feel that perhaps the past Doctors may sometimes try to rouse the current Doctor into doing something, like if he’s been travelling alone too long and starts getting scary, they are eventually like ‘You need to go find someone.’ But if there’s so much self-loathing, I wonder if that is always true? Again, I think if it is getting desperate, they may put aside their differences, like perhaps when Eleven was stuck on Trenzalore he started talking to them just out of the sheer need for company.

Mostly they just argue, though, like the grumpy, bratty children they are.

Also, I have no idea what I just wrote. I may delete this later when my sleep-deprived brain is awake.




I’m going to CRY


Doodle time


Doodle time




but seriously, theta’s going to come to koschei and ushas the next day and tell them zagreus was in their room and they know it was zagreus because when it touched them they saw themself and they saw their…

I’m not tall; it’s easy to keep my ear to the ground.
The Seventh Doctor, 1963: The Assassination Games (via fightingeldergods)
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Snagged an audio version of this video. Because I needed an audio version… A lot…

But what was outside the door?
And what, if anything, was inside the TARDIS?

I just finished watching Listen, this week’s new episode of Doctor Who, and here are some of my thoughts:

-So far, this has probably been my favorite episode in the season. I enjoyed the creepy, suspenseful, almost surreal atmosphere that was brilliantly carried out through the entire episode. Also, on a side note, I got kind of freaked out on the part with the figure on the bed. Seriously, what the hell was it?
-I’ll also mention that I really like how Twelve is like a very grumpy father figure. This attitude was even expressed towards Clara, which is such a dramatic turnaround from when she was with Eleven. I don’t know, I’m just digging it.
-Painfully awkward date was painfully awkward. Then sad. Then very sad. And then it ended on a cheery note.
-The introduction to this episode was also clever. Hunting, defense, but not hiding? Or is it something that can hide so well that it can’t be detected?
-BABY DOCTOR. At least I’m assuming that’s who we were meant to believe it was. But my question is, why was he out in a barn? From all I’ve seen, aren’t Time Lords all against nature and touching and dirty places such as an old barn? I mean, there’s got to be a reason, but I just don’t understand. I’ll also assume the army comment was because he was about to fail training at the Academy, but again I really can’t say.
-The speech(es) given by Twelve/Clara were lovely.
-When the Doctor woke up and murmured the Tom Baker line about the Sontarans, he followed it with something along the lines of ‘Shut up, stop talking.’ This is probably just me, but I almost had the notion that perhaps he was talking to his past selves? Like, of course they weren’t there in the physical sense, but I’ve always wondered if a future Doctor could somehow draw from his memory bank and produce…some sort of vision inside his network of a mind to talk to? One of his past faces? Does that even make sense? (It’s nearly midnight and I’m a little sleepy so I should probably just stop with that thought process.)
-All in all, this episode was very good and you all should watch it. Yep, that’s it.
-(Also Doctor Who is going to rob a bank. How exciting?)
((I also forgot to mention that the Doctor was totally trying to cockblock. The CockBlocktor returns.))


Photo set: Black Orchid: n°2 Peter in costume part1


Top 25 Doctor Who episodes: The Seeds of Doom

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i really like supernatural, sherlock and doctor who

but i feel so ashamed for liking them because the superwholock fandom is so fucking embarrassing